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180G2 Series

Camera/Camcorder FM radio Speaker

The generation 2 model of the 180 Series is now here.  The Eclipse 180G2 series offers a feature rich player that will have you listening to your favorite music & radio stations, watching your favorite videos, or capturing your own pictures & videos with your friends.




4GB internal memory + micro sd slot 1.8” Color Display Camera/Camcorder Built-in Speaker FM Radio Voice and fm recorder Rechargeable battery
Display: 1.8” LCD screen, 220x176 resolution
Memory: 4GB Internal flash memory, Micro SD card slot (up to 16GB)
Battery: Built in rechargeable Li-Ion battery, up to 8 hours of playback
Audio Output: 3.5mm audio headphone jack, 17mW output, >85dB S/N ratio
Files supported: MP3, WMA (non encrypted), WAV audio; AMV video, JPG pictures
Operating System Support: Win2k/XP/Vista/Win7 and Mac OS 10.4 or later
Interface: High speed USB 2.0
Package Contents: Eclipse 180G2 Media Player, Stereo Earbuds, User’s Manual, USB Cable


Manual | HiRes Images | LoRes Images

Common Questions:

I get a “Format Error” when I try to Play an audio file on my Media Player

A “Format Error” message indicates that your file is in the wrong format. Please refer to the supported file types for your Media Player.

Can I Download Audio books from my Local Library?

Yes, you can as long as the files you download are in MP3 format. Copy protected or DRM encrypted WMA files will NOT work on our players however.

What is DRM?

DRM represents Digital Rights Management. DRM technology is used by content providers, such as online stores, to control how digital music and video files are used and distributed. Online stores sell and rent DRM-protected music and videos that have media usage rights to enable specific use of the content.

What is a copy protected song or a protected video?

A copy protected song or a protected video is a file that uses DRM protection. To play the protected song or video, you must have the media usage rights for it.

Do your players support DRM encrypted or Copy protected files?

No. copy protected or DRM encrypted files will prevent the files from playing on our devices. Often the files will give you a “format error” or HDS error” message if you try to play them.

How do I convert my Audio File to a supported File Type?

If you are getting your Music through iTunes, please follow the instructions HERE and select the video called “Convert iTunes to MP3”. If your files are in a different format, or from another location, you will need to convert the files using a third party conversion tool. We recommend using the Replay Converter by Applian Technologies, which can be found HERE

Why wont DRM encrypted or Copy protected files play on my Trio or Eclipse player?

Media usage rights, also known as licenses, are permissions to use a protected song or a protected video in a particular way, or for a particular length of time. Content providers can specify in the media usage rights how you can use the protected content that you obtain from them. For example, content providers often limit the number of media players you can transfer a copy protected file to. As our players do not count towards this limit of items, the files will not play.

Where can I download Music and Movies?

You can download Music from literally any place that allows you to legally download MP3 audio files (we do not condone piracy). Some great places to download files are and, though you can simply use your favorite search engine to look for “MP3 downloads”. If you own a video file, and it is in the correct format, you can simply load it on the device. If you own a video file, but it is not in the correct format, you will need to convert the file using the conversion tool which was included with your player (instructions are below). If you don’t own a file, you can use a program from Applian Technologies called “Replay Media Catcher” which will allow you to download and save streaming video. You can find this software HERE. Unfortunately, we cannot assist you in ripping a movie off of a DVD you own as doing this is illegal.